I love God connections!

Connection is defined as; The act of joining or state of being joined; a state of being knit or fastened together; union by junction, by an intervening substance or medium, by dependence or relation.

I have found in certain times of my life, God will connect me with someone who intimately knows what I am going through. They have gone through it themselves and gained victory. These God connections are timely. And they are precious to me

One of my favorite scriptures is found in 2 Corinthians 1:4. It refers to this very thing.

“Who comforts and encourages us in every trouble so that we will be able to comfort and encourage those who are in any kind of trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

This scripture is saying…

We go through times that are hard. In those times, God strengthens us and comforts us. But He doesn’t stop there. He gives us an anointing to help someone else come through the same thing.

We have all witnessed ministers who were healed of a certain disease. After the manifestation of their healing, they carry an anointing to see others healed of the same thing they were healed from.

Or we see someone who came out of debt and lack. They too will have an anointing to help others come out of debt and lack.

Perhaps you went through such a time. A challenging season. If you pressed in to the point of victory, rejoice today! Not only do you have victory, but I would imagine you also carry an anointing to help others come through the same thing.

Don’t waste that anointing!

Ask God to show you people you can pray for. People you can encourage. People you can share your story with. You have a God-given anointing to help them.

Just this week, God brought me in contact with a person on a matter that seemed very common.

However, one day after the connection, I found it wasn’t common at all. It was, indeed, a God connection! A timely God connection.

I discovered she had walked through to victory, in something I was about to walk through. I knew she was the right person to stand in agreement with me concerning this thing. God is so faithful.

He has a God connection for you. Ask Him for it. Seek Him for it. Someone has walked through what you are walking through. Someone has gained victory in that area. They intimately know the way out…they will help you walk it out.

Yes, God will walk with you. If no one else does, God certainly will. And sometimes, it is only God who will walk with us through it. However, there are times, He sends people to walk with us…recognize and discern those times.

It is my prayer today, if God has a person to help you overcome, He will send them across your path this day. May you recognize them quickly.

“I did not find this calmness in easy times; I found it in difficult times.” – KP

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