But I have this charge against you, that you have left your first love, you have lost the depth of love that you first had for Me. Revelation 2:4 (Amplified)

This morning as I awoke, I was thinking about last night’s prayer call and how God desires that we put Him first in all things.

I began to think about the phase people often use concerning our relationships. It is said we should try to be around people who celebrate us and not people who only tolerate us.

Then I thought about something Breanne had said about one of her horses that she recently donated to a Horse Therapy Center for disabled kids. She said her horse deserved to be someone’s favorite.

I think we all want to be someone’s favorite? I believe we all want to be celebrated.

This being truth, we are made in the image of God, we see throughout the Bible He definitely has feelings and emotions…therefore how must He feel when we celebrate Him?

Or, how must He feel when we only tolerate Him? When we tolerate His word?

Do you remember your first love? Do you recall how that felt? You couldn’t wait to spend time with them? They were continually on your mind? Everything reminded you of them. They were the first person you wanted to call with good new and the first person you called when things went wrong. Why? Because you felt better just to be around them.

First love can be amazing. Any love can be.

God said in Revelations, I have this one thing against you…you have left your first love…ME.

He was saying you no longer love Me like you did at first.

Oh, how I remember the passion and excitement when I first come to know God, He literally consumed me. I could think of nothing else but God and the nuggets I was finding in His word.

For me, personally, I work at keeping God first in my life. It is quite easy to let other things and other people get in the way of that…it takes effort but oh my, it is worth the effort.

God wants to be first in our life. He wants to be the first thing we think about each morning. He wants to be the last thing we think about each night.

He wants to be our first thought when something wonderful happens and He wants to be the one we run to when things go wrong. This, my friend, is a first-fruit lifestyle, like we talked about on last nights partner prayer call.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I noticed I had missed a text from last night. It was a song from Kelita…as I played it first thing this morning, I found myself in the presence of God and pondering His goodness and faithfulness. What a way to begin the day!

My first…of my morning…went to God. It didn’t go to what needed to be done at work, or what needed to be done for family…my first went to my God. He is first in my life. He is my first and last love and I celebrate Him daily in my life. May I never ever lose that excitement of His love for me and my love for Him.

I chose to live a first-fruit life, giving my God the first of my income, the first of my love, the first of my attention. I believe this is what He wants from all of us.

Are you one of those who was passionate for God in the beginning of your relationship with Him but have left your first love? Is worshipping God more of a chore these days? Is it hard for you to make time for Him? Is it drudgery to get in the word of God? If so, perhaps you have left your first love.

I totally understand that life happens and it gets in the way and you may feel you simply don’t have the time or the energy to pursue God as you once did. But, my friend, that is a lie of the enemy, keeping you from being connected to your power source. Our strength, our time is found in Him and as we put Him first, everything else comes easier.

The Bible says ‘seek first the kingdom of God and ALL THINGS WILL BE ADDED TO YOU.’ As we seek Him first, put Him first, everything else will come in line. This is the very reason the enemy tries to keep us from spending quality time with God…he knows that in HIS PRESENCE is fullness of joy, is peace, is power, is strength, is provision, is everything we have need of. He knows if you begin to put God first, God will put you first and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

For me, having God first in my life in every area, brings me great peace. Yes, things still happen that I don’t like, but He keeps me grounded as I put Him first.

Today, I encourage you to examine your love life. Is God first? Is He your first thought in the morning? The last person you speak to each night? Is He the one you turn to in good times and bad? If not, turn back to your first love, He is waiting for you with open arms.

If He is still your first love….awesome! I pray He is always your first love and I pray your passion for God and His word grows daily. A first fruit life is simply this; put God first.

Prayer for Today: Father, I thank you for all you have done for me. Today and everyday I choose to put you first. Keep my heart right before you God and help me always keep you first. May my love for you bring pleasure to you today. In Jesus name. Amen.

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