As I was seeking the Lord about the motivation for today – this scripture came to mind, it is a scripture I have prayed many times in my life, especially when I didn’t know how to pray. It is found in Psalm 138:8 and it says; The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.

I discovered this scripture many years ago when I was trying to make a decision. You see, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation and we don’t know quite what to do; do we keep going the way we are going and walking by faith in a certain situation, or do we stop what we are doing entirely, have we missed it? What do we do? At times in the past, knowing the word of God says that God will complete the work He has begun in us – I found myself wondering if God really began this particular thing or did I begin it myself. And if He didn’t start it and I started it on my own, would He get me out of it. I found my answer in this scripture. Let me explain.

In these times or situations the scripture from Psalm 138:8 gives me great peace, let me explain why.

There are two words that are spelled p-e-r-f-e-c-t in the Bible, each is pronounced different and have a different meaning. PER-fect refers to flawlessness or sinlessness. Per-FECT is a verb whose Bible definition means completion or termination. Therefore, when this verse says ‘the Lord will per-FECT that which concerns you’, it is literally saying He will complete it (the thing in your life) or terminate it. He will completely bring it to pass or remove it from your life, whichever outcome lines up with His will for your life. Ahh, that was good news for me.

Every area of your life is a state of development. Every day is a learning process. The Lord brings us along day by day according to His timing and plan. We are not spinning our wheels, regardless of how it feels. As long as we are continuing to walk with God and continuing to move forward, we are making progress. Isn’t it wonderful to know that whatever is going on in your life, God is perfecting those things that concerns you – He is literally bringing it to pass or removing it from your life – the things that are good and pure and His will, He is completing those things and on the other hand, those things that are not according to His will or plan for you, He is removing or terminating those things. I think this is an awesome promise and so liberating, to know that good or bad, it is in His hands. That leaves us totally free to simply trust and love our God.

I realize I often talk about pressing in and fighting for what belongs to you and I certainly believe in that – there are times when we must do just that. There are also times when we simply don’t know what else to do that we have to rest in God, we have to rest in the truth and trust that HE IS PERFECTING ALL THINGS THAT CONCERN US. When things don’t happen in the timeframe we would like or they don’t turn out as we had hoped, we still have this promise, God is perfecting all things that concern us. God is working it out for our good. When we can say or pray nothing else, we can declare ‘I may not understand, this may not even feel right but this one thing I know, my God is faithful and He is perfecting all things that concern me today.’

I can think of no better revelation for the month we celebrate freedom than this revelation. True freedom is knowing that God is perfecting those things that concern you. He is either completing things or terminating what needs to be removed. That’s good news for us. Each day confess this scripture over your life and the lives of your loved ones. Declare ‘God is perfecting those things, all things that concern me.’ Regardless of what has happened or what is happening in your life, regardless of how it looks, God IS perfecting all that concerns you – trust Him with it and walk on in peace. And have a, blessed and perfected July!