God is always speaking. The ways he speaks may vary, but he is always speaking.

As his people, we must learn to know his voice. Jesus said in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.”
To learn to know and hear his voice, it will help to understand some of the ways in which he speaks.

And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams. Acts 2:17

God speaks in dreams and visions.

A vision is defined as to gaze, look, behold, see, sight and view. A vision from God is a literal happening. It is not a product of the mind or imagination, it is a gift from God.

It can be a still photograph in your mind. Or it can be a moving scene. A vision can last a brief second or hours, it is up to God alone. Yet the truth remains, God speaks in visions.

Recently, I have been praying about a vehicle. I have driven a Jeep for the past 13 years or so. I have prayed and ask God for insight concerning my next vehicle. I expected him to simply lead me to what would be my next vehicle. Why? Because that was what he did for me about 20 years ago.
Twenty plus years ago, I was in need of a new vehicle. I had prayed about it for several weeks. One morning I woke up early. God said to me, “Take your vehicle to such and such, I have something waiting for you there.”

I went to this place and as I was pulling in, the vehicle I would purchase was also pulling in. I drove it for years. It was the best vehicle I ever owned. Therefore, I was expecting God to do the same thing again. Never put God in a box!

Back to my original story. I have been praying about a vehicle for a few weeks. One day last week, Breanne and I were driving out of town. She was driving. As we drove, I suddenly saw in the spirit. I saw a car coming toward me. I could see the color and the look of the vehicle. I knew that I knew it was my next vehicle. I just knew it. I began to smile and thank God for answering my prayer. Do I have it now? No, but God spoke to me in a vision. And it is coming toward me. Praise the Lord! For me, that settles it.

God also speaks in dreams. Since the beginning of time, God has spoken in dreams. He continues to speak this way today.

We see this in the life of Joseph. In the life of Pharaoh. And we see it in the New Testament. God speaks in dreams.

Over the years, I have shared many dreams with you. God often speaks to me through dreams. For me, many of them are warning dreams. God is showing me something that I need to pray and intercede about. Or he shows me what is to come.

Dreams are an important way God speaks to his people. I may go months without having dreams from God. But then I go through seasons where I dream constantly. Just as the word says, there is a time and a season for everything. Keep watch for your season of dreams from God.

If God gives you a dream, write it down. It may be for now or it may be for a future time. If you write it down, you will not forget it. And God will be able to continue to speak to you through it, if you keep it before you.

Our God is still speaking today, in visions and in dreams. Listen for his voice.

“Wondering is wavering, wavering is doubt, and doubt is sin – wondering will lead you down a road you don’t want to go.” – KP