man drawing schedule of business growth

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

About 85% of the prayer request I receive daily are for a financial breakthrough. It seems much of the body of Christ is living in lack, and it should not be so. Jesus went to the cross, delivered us from the curse and made it final there, it was completed at the cross. He also took our poverty that we might have His wealth. That’s pretty plain. Then why is much of the body of Christ living in lack?

I believe Matthew 6:33 says it all; seek first His kingdom and His way of doing things, then and only then, will these things you have need of be added to you.

We have to seek God and His way of doing things. We can’t live under the blessings of God without living by the principles of God. Your finances can’t be blessed if you are not doing what God says do with your money.

Do you know that one meaning of sowing is to become pregnant? I thought that was very interesting, when you sow a seed for something, you become pregnant with that something. I have become pregnant with many things over the years as I sowed and then I have given birth to those promises. That’s one of Gods ways of the kingdom of God.

Another principle of possessing the kingdom of God is through what you say. You will never see it unless you say it. God created the world with words and you must do the same thing.

If you send a prayer request, of course I will pray. However, if you continue to speak negative about the situation, you are eliminating everything I prayed. You are the prophet of your own life and you will have what you say, not what I say.

If I receive an email and it is full of negative statements, I can’t do anything to help you until you decide, make the choice, to cause your words to line up with what God says about the situation.

Last year, I was working with our bookkeeping and God said ‘what came in last month?’ And I answered. And He said ‘what came in this month?’ And I answered. It was much less the current month. God said ‘I am not a God of decrease.’ ‘I am a God of increase.’ Then He said ‘what are you going to do?’

I began to do what He told me in the beginning of this year, I began to declare a thing. I found scripture to cover my situation and I began to declare things. I declared that my God was not a God of decrease and that He had promised me that there would be no decrease in my life – therefore increase must come. I refuse to go backward.

The Bible says what we allow, God allows and I refused to allow decrease.

Did you know that God said He would not allow decrease in our lives? Yes! It is in Psalm 107:38. He says He will not allow our cattle to decrease. In Old Testament times the cattle was their income. It was their money.

Your cattle may be your Avon or auto sales. Your cattle may be your business income. Your cattle may be your trucking business. Your cattle may be your income and bonuses, whatever your cattle is, God has promised you that He will not allow you to have any decrease….if you obey His principles.

Therefore, if you are seeing decrease, you must stop it. Just as God asked me ‘what are you going to do?’ He didn’t say ‘well, I will fix this.’ And He didn’t say ‘what do you want Me to do?’ No, He was telling me that I had the power to stop it. It is the same for you, you have the power to stop it. It will be through seeking the kingdom of God and His way of doing things and then doing them.

My daughter and I had this very conversation this morning. We talked about how different people were experiencing lack but did not want to do what the word says to change it. It should not be that way.

We should first trust in the God of increase. When we give, we must make sure our heart is right in our giving, as I taught on the Partner Call. Make sure we are giving because we want to honor God.
As when we give, make sure we don’t pull our seed back up with negative words like, ‘this doesn’t work for me.’

You have to stop speaking what you perceive is happening and begin to speak what you want to happen. Don’t speak the word half the time and negative the other half.

SPEAK ONLY WHAT THE WORD SAYS…I get dozens of emails a week from people who are doing this and it is turning things around. It does turn things around, because you are building an image inside of yourself with the word of God. Each time you speak His word, you build an image on the inside of you.

Remember, sowing means to become pregnant? When you sow a seed you become pregnant with the seed for harvest. When you sow the word of God you are literally becoming pregnant with that word and you will bring it to the time of birth – and you will give birth to your promise.
It’s one of God’s principles, apply it today and watch change begin.