God’s Way of Increase

Over the years I have shared stories with you about my grandchildren, Bryson and Brailee. Often God speaks to me through these two. I am so thankful when God does this. Many times, like the instance I am sharing with you, it catches me off guard.

Bryson is a gentle, kind boy. He thinks deeply. He feels deeply. God uses his wonderful personality to teach me a great deal.

Brailee is different from Bryson. She is strong, fierce and bold. She doesn’t have many deep things to say. She is a fly by the seat of her pants kind of girl. She is not concerned about when, how or why. She just wants to have fun and enjoy life.

Yet, I have learned one truth about this little girl – she is prophetic. Today, God reminded me of something she had once said to me, a couple years ago, when she was seven.

At seven years old she still had that sweet little girl voice that I love to hear. She never talks harsh or hard, therefore, when I heard the words that began to come out of her mouth, I was stunned. Not only the words, but the force behind the words.

It was a Saturday morning. The kids had spent the night with me. Brailee and I decided to run to Lowe’s and get some flowers to plant. She wanted daisies. We got ready and off we went.

Her excitement was evident by her constant jabbering as we headed to Lowe’s. She was talking ninety miles a minute about daisies. I just drove and smiled. I couldn’t get a word in at all.

Suddenly her tone changed. She said to me, “Nana, do you want to have more money?” I laughed out loud. She did not like my response.

“Nana, I AM ASKING YOU, ANSWER ME, do you want to have more money?” Brailee demanded.

I felt the atmosphere change and I knew God was speaking to me. I answered this little child and said, “yes, I do.”

With a forceful voice she began to give me instruction. She said, “well, then you have to get seeds and lots of seeds, do you hear me, you have to plant seeds everywhere and keep planting them, do you hear me?” I responded, “yes, I hear you.” Again, she questioned me. “Nana, do you want to have more money?” I again answered, “yes, I do.” She continued, “NANA, do you want so much money that you have enough to take a bath in?” To this I laughed out loud.

She, however, did not find it funny.

She went on to say, “NANA, I am serious, DO YOU? YOU MUST ANSWER ME, DO YOU?” I said, “yes, Brailee.” She again said, “then you must listen to me and do what I say. Get seeds, lots of seeds, seven dollars’ worth, do you hear me? Seven dollars’ worth and plant them everywhere, keep on planting them. You must plant them. Plant lots and lots of seeds, do you understand?”

She continued talking to me in a firm voice. She said, “Nana, you are going to have seven dollars come to you; SEVEN DOLLARS and you have to plant lots and lots of seeds, okay?” I said, “okay Brailee, I will do it.”

As quickly as it began, her voice softened and she began talking about daisies again.

While she moved on, I could not stop thinking about what she had said. I began to ask God to explain to me what He wanted me to do with seven dollars. I thought about how she said the seven dollars would come to me. How she instructed me to sow seeds and keep sowing seeds.

Later, I shared with Breanne what Brailee had said. Breanne asked Brailee about it, to which she shrugged and said, “I told her what she had to do if she wants more money.”

A few days went by. One morning I walked to my mailbox. I had an envelope from a friend. I opened it up and laughed out loud as I counted seven dollars. She had sent me seven dollars!

That very night, I was checking my email. I had a receipt from PayPal. Someone had sent me a personal offering. The offering amount was $7. The attached note said, “do with this whatever you want, buy seeds if you want.” I could have fell out of my chair when I read that.

All this simply confirmed that God was speaking to me through my little Brailee. By the mouth of two or three witnesses, it is established.
(2 Cor. 13:1)

God wants us to prosper. Just as He wants us to be whole in our bodies. It is part of our covenant with God, through Jesus. I intend to lay hold of all God has for me. ALL HE HAS FOR ME. That includes prosperity. I believe as I have diligently sought Him for answers concerning prosperity, He is giving them to me. Even through a seven-year-old. I am listening. I am obeying.

Remembering this time, I believe the seven dollars wasn’t necessarily about an amount of money as much as it was about continuing to sow my seed until I came to a place of completion – a tipping point, so to speak. (Seven means completion) Today, I believe God is saying, “Continue to sow seed until it is complete.”

We are in a place of harvest. Oh, I know it doesn’t look like it or feel like it…but we are. What God is about to pour out on His people cannot be stopped. I desire to be one of those – who reap the fullness of His promises. How about you?

Just as God reminded me today, if I want harvest, I must keep sowing seed. Sow until I reach my tipping point. What did I do? I prayed and I sowed where He led me to. And I thanked Him for reminding me. If we want harvest, sow. It’s God’s way of increase and it has not changed.

Meditate on this:
Now Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold. And the Lord blessed him. Genesis 26:12

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