Now, I know I have spoken about this subject recently…bear with me. Even though I have already dealt with this subject once, it is one of those things that God will not allow me to let go of.
This morning every place I turned I saw the words expectation or great expectation. I believe with every fiber of my being that this is a KEY word in THIS SEASON – don’t miss it.

What your expectations are for this season – and even for each day – are vital in this season.
However, what I am finding is that many, many Christians are not expecting much – I understand exactly how they feel – but we can’t allow feelings to lead or guide us in this season. The reason for this is apparently all the disappointments they faced in the last season.

If you go through a season of disappointment, you tend to lower your expectations a bit – that is dangerous. I realize the reason we do that is so we won’t be disappointed or hurt – but it will also keep us from seeing all God has for us.

I read an article today about a college professor. When this professor began his first year at the college, he was told to expect 50% of his students to fail. Therefore, for the next few years, every year about 50% of his students failed.

Then he began to attend a church where the pastor taught about positive thinking and believing for the best. The next year when his new students arrived, he decided to try something new. He told his students that every year about 50% of his students failed his class BUT he believed this year could be different, he believed that he had been given the best of the best students and that every single one of them could pass.

That year, all his students passed – he didn’t change the way he taught, nothing changed but his expectations. It’s a funny thing about expectations when it involves other people – most of the time they will come up higher to meet your expectations. Often when you think they can…they can.

There is great power in expectation. The Bible says ‘as a man thinks so is he.’ What are your expectations? Take a moment and consider this question; do a heart search; do you expect bad things to happen today? Do you expect a harvest; do you really expect a harvest when you sow a seed? Do you expect God to do something when you speak His word, or have you confessed his word over and over and saw no results so you don’t expect much to happen? Are you expecting healing to manifest? Are you expecting your children to line up with God’s word? Are you expecting His glory? Or are you expecting that things will be as they have been in the past? Are you expecting disappointment? Are you expecting to tithe and give and nothing happen?

As I said in an earlier motivation, I have been practicing expecting only what God has for me. Some days I have to talk to myself over and over and remind myself that I will ONLY expect what God says – nothing less, nothing less.

What I have found is that when I refuse to move off my expectation – I see what I am expecting every time – just as the Bible says ‘my expectation is NOT cut off – it comes to pass.’
The truth is that your expectation is not cut off either – whatever you are expecting is probably what you are seeing.

I encourage you today – release ALL disappointments – release and let go of everything you thought didn’t come to pass – believe like you have never been disappointed. Expect like you have never been disappointed. You can do it, it is a choice – one you often have to make numerous times…but nevertheless it IS a choice – choose to expect what God says and nothing less.

GREAT EXPECTATION – that is what God is calling for and He knows you can do it – come up higher – expect great things…they are there…if you only expect them.