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Yesterday I shared a prophecy with you from Pastor Dave Roberson; it was about God reordering relationships in our lives.

Today I was speaking with a friend on the phone about this prophecy and he made a statement that really ministered to me. He was asking if I thought God was doing this reordering in his life with certain people. He said he asked God if it was time for him to grow in a different direction. I just loved that aspect of it and it gave me great peace in a relationship I had been praying about.

Often, we go through seasons with God and we go through times where he does move people into our lives and other times he moves people out of our lives, but that isn’t always a bad thing or a negative thing. It doesn’t necessarily mean either of those involved are doing things wrong. It does not have to mean that one person is more spiritual than the other or one is not seeking God enough – sometimes, as my friend says, we are simply growing in a different direction.

We can look at most things from a good point of view, if we only try, it doesn’t have to be that we are going in a different direction but that we are growing in a different direction – I think that is a more positive way to look at it, don’t you?

As I said there are times that God brings people into our life who will sow into our life and into our destiny however the time may come when you begin growing in a different direction and their time in your life is complete, again, this is not a bad thing and it doesn’t have to be on a bad note or with bad feelings between those involved, if you are both following God you should be able to speak a blessing over each other and hope the best for one another. I have seen many friendships end in bitterness and offense simply because God was moving one in a different direction – my friend, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Over the past twenty five years God has brought many people in and out of my life – all those he brought into my life sowed something valuable into my life and I still treasure those things. I will admit when I first realized God moved people out of my life, I was confused and sometimes hurt – but I learned that God has a plan and each person has a path to walk. Along that path we will meet some people who are in our lives forever and some who are in for a season, both of these are treasure and we have to learn to let go and let God perfect those things that concern us, as the scripture says in Psalms 138:8. This scripture means that God will bring into our life all we need to perfect our life OR he will remove all that needs to be removed in order for our life to be perfected. That’s good news! We can let God move people in and out of our life and trust that he is perfecting all things that concern us.

There is a scripture I love from the New Living Translation, it says; Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. Col. 2:7

When our roots grow deep into him, only he knows which direction we will grow. We have to trust him in that – we can trust him in that. And we can allow seasons to end with peace and love.

If God is reordering relationships in your life, pray that it will be done with love, peace and joy – and refuse to end relationships with bitterness or anger. God showed me a long time ago that whatever way I end or walk out of one season is the way I begin or walk into a new season. I want to enter into my new season with love, peace and joy – how about you?

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