I am so grateful for this day and what it means.  I am grateful that Jesus defeated death for us and gave us access to eternal life with Him.  However,  the power of resurrection did not end on the day that Jesus arose.  On the contrary, it was just the beginning of what it would afford us in our lives on the earth.

I have been thinking about the power of resurrection lately.  When Jesus walked on this earth, He walked daily in the power of God.  Yet, when He rose again, that power multiplied and is now available to every believer; if only they believe.

I see many people each day who have something dead in their lives.  It may be a business that no longer has life in it.  It may be a marriage that no longer has love in it.  It may be a body that no longer has the strength it needs to enjoy life.  It may be your checking account that seems lifeless these days.  Whatever it is, it is not beyond hope.  We, as joint heirs with Jesus Christ have access to the power of resurrection.

Resurrection means a raising up, or a rising.  Life means the state of one who is possessed of vitality.  It also means the absolute fullness of life.  You have the authority and the ability to cause anything that appears dead in your life to rise up and lay hold of vitality and the absolute fullness of life.  Wow!  What awesome power God has given us in resurrection.

As we honor the death and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus today, let’s remember all that His sacrifice purchased for us.  His great love has given us more than we could ask for, think or imagine.  Let us be mindful of Him today and renew our commitment to live a life surrendered to the One who made our life possible.  Perhaps gather with your family or friends and take communion today….renew your covenant with Jesus afresh.  Doing this will honor Him, teach our children the importance of this day, and will remind our hearts to be grateful for the life we have and the good things that are yet to come.

Thank You Jesus for Your blood and sacrifice.  May we live a life that honors You.