A couple years ago an attack began on my body. In the beginning I confessed the word of God consistently. After a couple months, my body was extremely weak and it began to take a toll on my faith – now, I know that is not a good thing NOR is it a good confession, but I am just sharing my story with you.

It eventually got so bad that a few days out of the week I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t sleep at night, I couldn’t function during the day – and I found I was confessing the word less and less because most of the time I was simply too weak.

I began to take vitamins so I would have the energy to do what needed to be done each day. My family was concerned to say the least, but I kept going. I kept digging in the word of God when I was able to.
I don’t know how it may be for you, for me, I have to find a SPECIFIC scripture in the word of God, one that SPEAKS to me. When I am in desperate need, I can’t just pick out a scripture and apply it to my situation, I have to find one that is RHEMA to me.

Although I had been confessing the word of God, it wasn’t the rhema word I was seeking for, I know the word of God works and it is powerful, ANY word He speaks is powerful but I needed my rhema word. One that I knew was life to me. Therefore I searched for a particular scripture, one that was about what I was dealing with in particular.

I read every book I could get my hands on about healing and everything I was doing was building my faith, I knew it was but still I searched for MY scripture. Then one day I found it, MY SCRIPTURE. I knew it when I found it. I wrote it down, I made it personal and then I confessed it every single time the attack came against my body and that was at least 40-50 times a day. I had fought this thing for four months by the time I began to confess this particular scripture.

I stood on that word, I confessed it and confessed it, I spoke it in the face of seeing the opposite happen and then one day as I was in the middle of an attack, out of my spirit I said ‘Father, Your word says if I can bring an offering of atonement for this sickness and if my offering is acceptable I will be cleansed from this disease and made whole. I lay my atonement offering at your feet, it is the body that was given for me, it is the body and shed blood of Jesus, YOU JUDGE my offering – if it is acceptable in your sight then I am whole and if His body was not enough, then I will continue to battle this – YOU JUDGE my offering of atonement.’

I didn’t even know where that came from but it came from somewhere deep inside my spirit and it was filled with faith. And that was the last time I had that attack. That was two years ago.

I have always known the word of God is powerful, I have received healing before however, I have never had such a long, hard attack on my body before and I have never known, intimately come to know, the power of the cross. I know that sounds crazy coming from a person with crazy faith, but here is what I found, what Jesus did on the cross was enough.

I don’t know what you are going through, but I can tell you this, JESUS IS ENOUGH. His sacrifice IS acceptable. His shed blood was sufficient for any and all deliverance. His body that He gave for us was enough to be made whole. His sacrifice was enough for you to come out of lack and debt, it was enough.

Whatever is going on in your life, let me encourage you to, first of all, search the scriptures, find a word that speaks to you, find a scripture that is RHEMA to you. Don’t just flippantly confess something that doesn’t speak to you, find a scripture that breathes life into you and begin to confess that word, a hundred times a day if necessary.

The word of God, once spoken is on assignment. Once you speak it, even the first time, it begins working and if you will stay on it, it will not stop until it completes its assignment, it WILL accomplish was it was sent for, if you confess it and believe it.

Next, don’t allow anything opposite of His word to come out of your mouth, regardless of what you see, stand on that word, it will not fail you if you refuse to back off it. And most importantly, although the word is powerful and your confession is vital, never forget that the reason this word is so powerful, the reason is will come to pass is because of what Jesus did for you at the cross, never forget His sacrifice. Never forget that He brought you this wonderful redemption. Never forget that He is your Atonement Offering. Never forget that it is all because of Him.