While I was preparing for my day this morning, healing was on my mind. The Bible says in Mark 7, “Healing is the children’s bread.”

This scripture has rolled over and over in my mind. Healing is the children’s bread.

Who are the children?

We are. Healing belongs to us.

I don’t know how it is that when we are born again, we easily believe we are delivered from hell and will be spending our eternity with Jesus Christ. We believe that promise without question. However, when it comes to the rest of the atonement benefits, we struggle to lay hold of them.

I’m talking about the other things Jesus died to give us, along with saving us from hell and putting us in right standing with God. I am talking about prosperity and healing. These things are part of our salvation package. We have access to them the moment we are born again.

It’s much like your insurance plan. It probably covers doctor visits and dental visits. You would never say, “Oh, I can go to the doctor, but I can’t go to the dentist.” Yes, you can. They are both covered. It’s not the insurance company’s fault if you don’t partake of all your benefits.

In the same manner, salvation covers more than just being saved from hell. You can partake of all the benefits if you so choose.

Healing is the children’s bread. It is your portion. You don’t have to be sick. You don’t have to die sick. Healing was purchased for you at the cross. You must believe it and receive it. This is often where the problem comes in. Many don’t believe they can walk in healing and wholeness.

1 Peter 2:24 says, Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

Believe it or not…you WERE healed. By the stripes of Jesus Christ…we were healed. Healing is our bread. It’s time we begin to eat of it, don’t you think?

Jesus completed His work at the cross. Nothing was left undone. Healing was purchased and paid for. It is finished. There is nothing more He is going to do.

The rest is up to you and me.

Our part is to renew our mind to the truth of God’s Word. To mediate and study scriptures concerning healing until it becomes a part of us. Think about it…healing is the children’s bread. Bread must be consumed. Eaten. It must become a part of us before it can nourish us.

It’s the same with healing. We must study and meditate and declare until we completely consume the truth of the Word of God that declares, “BY HIS STRIPES I AM ALREADY HEALED.”

When that becomes a reality to us, when the truth of healing becomes a part of us, healing will spring forth in our body.

The Bible also says, God sent His Word and Healed us. Jesus IS the WORD. He took all sickness and disease for us – that is almost too wonderful to imagine, isn’t it? Yet, it is truth.

Now, I know many reading this are probably thinking, “I stood on the Word for healing, and it didn’t happen.” I know exactly how you feel. But God’s Word is truth, if it says there is healing in the Word of God, then there is healing in the Word of God. We must seek God for a plan and strategy to lay hold of our healing. It is all in the Bible. Of that, I am certain. I am not saying it will come easy, no, it may take time. It will take diligence. It may take turning off your tv and digging in the Word of God. Or confessing a scripture God has given you a thousand times. Until it becomes rhema to you. Until it becomes more real to you than the symptoms or sickness you are battling.

This one thing I know. If God healed ONE person, He can and will heal you. He is not a respecter of persons – what He does for one, He will do for another. There are testimonies of healing for every disease known to man – search them out – allow them to ignite your faith. Press into God for your healing. Get prayer warriors in agreement with you. Ask God for a plan. Then go for it.

Today, God is saying, “Healing is the children’s bread.” Take and eat, for healing is yours.