Have you ever thought about the helmet of hope? I must admit, I have not given it a lot of thought. That is until I heard a minister make a statement one night on TBN.

The scripture reference is found in 1 Thessalonians 5:8, it says; but let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet, the hope of salvation.

We all think if we have faith and love, we have it all but that is simply not true.

This scripture talks about the day, did you notice that? That day, literally means a dark day. Or we might say a challenging day – a day of trouble or trial. When we are in that day, we are to put on faith and love, yes, but we also put on a helmet; the helmet of the hope of salvation.

We know that salvation means deliverance, safety, preservation, and soul safety. Therefore, we are to put on, as a helmet, the hope of deliverance, safety, preservation and soul safety. If we lose hope – we have lost it all.

It’s hard to keep hope alive when you are going through a hard time or a day of darkness. But this scripture tells us to put on hope as a helmet, a joyful and confident, expectant hope. That is what we should have on.

Now let’s look at where we should have it, on our head, covering our mind. That hope should override every thought that the enemy brings against us. That hope should dispel every darkness. That hope should give you expectancy of a good outcome because we know all things work together for our good.

What often happens is when we get in a day of darkness; the enemy will come at our minds with everything he has. He knows that God has an appointment for you and he will do everything he can to dis-appoint you and cause you to fail to make that appointment.

We have an appointed place in God and if we are to see victory, we must remain in that appointed place and not allow the enemy or anyone he is using to pull us out of that place.

We know if we can win the battle of the mind, we have won. It’s really that simple. We can’t allow the enemy to put thoughts in our head that go unchallenged.

I have had some challenges lately. It seems so easy to stand strong on His promises during the day, but it seems the enemy will try hard to attack your mind at night. Last night, as I stood cooking dinner, the thoughts coming to my mind were tormenting to say the least.

I pondered those thoughts for a few moments and then the Lord spoke to me, so quietly and calmly that it stopped me in my tracks. He said ‘Kim, you have to remain in your place of authority. If you come out of this place, you will lose. However, if you remain in your place of authority and stay in peace, the final outcome will be to your good.” I said “Lord, how do I do that?” He said, ‘don’t allow anything to come out of your mouth that doesn’t agree with what I have told you.” Then He told me something to say every time the enemy attempted to attack my mind, whether it was through thoughts or people. I was to say, “I remain seated in my place of authority, I refuse to come out of this place and the favor of God is at work on my behalf.”

I must have said that a hundred times before I went to bed. And when I was awakened with thoughts in the middle of the night, I repeated what God had said to say, when I did, negative thoughts left and peace remained.

We say we trust God, but when things go a different way from what we have heard Him say – that is when our true test comes. We expect everything to happen a certain way with God and what He has said to us. If it doesn’t happen as we expect it to, we often begin to have negative thoughts. Those thoughts can turn into strongholds if they are not dealt with.

We must remain strong and fully persuaded in our faith that what God promised He is well able to perform, and not only well able, but that He will perform all He has said.

Trust Him when it looks like it is going the opposite way. Trust Him and show Him you trust Him by speaking words of faith and refusing words of doubt. Trust Him when you have no idea what He is doing. Don’t question God when the shakings are going on. Hold steady and trust Him. Put your helmet of hope of deliverance firm on your head, and trust Him. With joyful and confident expectation, trust Him. When you do that, you will see the expected end. For hope, His hope, never fails.

Prayer for Today: Father, I thank you for my helmet of hope. I will keep it firmly in place and I will remain in my place of authority daily, especially on dark days. I thank you for this helmet of hope. In Jesus name. Amen.

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