I was re-reading yesterday’s writing.  I began to think more about the abiding presence of God.

To have the abiding presence of God, the atmosphere around you will play a vital part in creating a resting place for God.

Psalm 132:13-14 says, “For the LORD has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His home: “This is My resting place forever and ever; here I will dwell, for I have desired this home.”

God is looking for a resting place, an abiding place…that place is in you, or at least, it can be.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stay for very long in just anyone’s house.  I can’t abide in a home where there is strife or division.  I can’t remain in a place where anger or a spirit of control rules.  Why?  It creates an atmosphere that I don’t care to be in.  Where these things are allowed to remain – God’s presence won’t be present.

God is looking for a resting place…a place to find rest.  Therefore, we must create an atmosphere that He desires to dwell in.

It’s not hard to create that place.  It does take time.  It does take effort.  And it takes diligence.  But it is not hard at all.  It is a simple commitment to create a dwelling place for God.

First of all, you have to get rid of things that God will not dwell with.  Get rid of anger, division, strife, control, manipulation.  Turn off the television for a while.  Lay down your phone or tablet.  Put your eyes and your focus on Him.  Don’t allow ugly words or conversations to go on in your home.  Don’t allow things to go on in your home that would not please God.  Keep peace as much as you can.

A room set apart for God would be ideal.  A place where you can close yourself in and be alone with God.  For the most part, I have had a room like that the last twenty-five years.  I have loved having a place set apart for God.  However, at present, I do not have an extra room.  Therefore, I make sure my entire house is filled with His presence.  I pray throughout my entire house.  I keep worship music playing throughout the whole house.  I declare His word daily in my home.  I cover my home and everything in it in the blood of Jesus Christ.

I believe if you do these things consistently, your home will become a place where God abides.  I also believe if you continue to cultivate His presence in your home that your home will become a portal into the spirit realm.  Just as many places of visitation have in times past.  If you give Him your home, your time and your presence consistently, He will visit you and make His abode with you.  Of that, you can be assured.

Places that are prayed in often or worshipped in often will manifest the tangible presence of God.  A presence that can be felt by those who visit your home.

Did you realize that most revivals do not begin at church services?  Most begin in a small group of people praying and crying out to God.  Often in their own homes.  You can be one of those.  You too can create a personal hotspot for God.  You can cultivate a place where you are so divinely connected to God and the Holy Spirit that miracles begin to flow IN YOUR HOME.  That peace takes over your home.  That restoration begins in your home.  A place where people begin to come for miracles, signs and wonders.  That is exciting to me!

Prayer and worship create an atmosphere where God is pleased to dwell.  Faith creates a place where miracles can take place.  Praise creates a place where the enemy must flee.  If you have these things continually taking place in your home, it will contain the abiding presence of God.  A place where He is pleased to dwell.

My hope is that your home would be a place of peace.  A place of praise and worship.  A place where faith resides.  A place where healing flows.  A place where the manifest Spirit of God dwells.  As He fills your home, you will find, within Him is all you will ever need.  My prayer today is…that your home will be blessed with the tangible presence of God from this day forth. That in your home, He finds His resting place.


Appoint My Days

Today, I ask for wisdom, and I know my God will give it to me and not hold back!  My faith is in Him alone! I will not waver; I have a strong and sound mind.  I receive of the Lord because I am not double minded.  I AM stable in all I do for my trust is in Him.

James 1:5-8