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This week started off with a bang! I woke up with flu symptoms all over my body. I immediately called one of the Healing Prayer Call leaders and had him pray for me, he prayed until the symptoms subsided.

While I was still on the phone with him, Breanne tried to call, I sent her a text that I was on the phone. She replied ‘Bryson has been sick all night, throwing up every few minutes, I can’t get it to stop.’ I got off the phone and sent her a text saying ‘I’m on my way!’

I grabbed my anointing oil, didn’t stop to apply make-up or anything of that sort, just headed out the door. I drove to her house, went in and lay hands on Bryson and commanded it to leave his body now – no more vomiting, no more headache – go NOW! And it went.

I brought him home with me to continue to stand in faith. I told him how to speak to his body and command it to leave if it tried to come back – and he did.

Now, I shared all that with you to say this. You have to hit the enemy head on. When I first woke up and got out of bed, my body felt so bad that I wanted to crawl back in bed and cover up and give in to the symptoms. But I didn’t. I stood on the word, called for agreement and pressed on.

I am so glad I did so I could be alert and ready for prayer when Breanne called about Bryson. Hebrews 10:23 says; Let us hold fast to the profession of our faith, without wavering, for he is faithful who promised.

This scripture is talking about our confession – saying what we expect to see as the outcome, without being moved by what we see at the moment – that is holding fast to our confession.

The most important time to hold fast to your profession of faith, your confession, is when the battle is right on top of you. This is not the time to declare or confess what you are seeing – this is the time to profess your faith – what you believe the outcome will be.

If I can teach my eight year old grandson to tell his nausea to go every time it tried to come back, surely we can do the same, don’t you think?

I am sitting here writing this and he has not been nauseous one more time since we prayed – oh, it has tried, but I held my confession and he held his and it could not stay in his body.

Hold fast the profession of your faith. Don’t let any confession come out of your mouth, unless you want to see it happen as your outcome. Hold fast to your faith and let only your faith come out of your mouth – that is how we overcome. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony…let the word of your testimony be a faith-filled one, never a fear-filled one.

When the enemy comes, we must hit head on….our first response must be faith filled words – that is my prayer for you today. May our God empower you to speak only faith-filled words, no matter what you see, may you speak faith filled words without being moved by anything else. In Jesus name.

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