DSC_5006Over this past weekend I thought a lot about position. I remembered something my pastor once said to me; he said to me, ‘don’t look at the conditions – hold your position.’ It was one of those things that went off in my spirit. You know what I’m talking about, when you hear something that you know God is saying, it impacts you greatly.

As I was thinking on this statement, I thought about Abraham, nearly 100 years old and promised a son. In Romans 4:19, ‘And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body, already dead (since he was about a hundred years old), and the deadness of Sarah’s womb.’

The Bible says that Abraham did not consider his own body, what does that mean? It means he did not fasten his eyes upon the condition of his body or upon his circumstances. He did not allow himself to fasten his eyes upon the circumstances, instead he fastened his heart upon the promises of God.

Keep in mind the scripture says that his body was already dead, frankly, there was no life there. Do you have any situations like this in your life today, where it literally seems past hope or dead? If so, do not consider the circumstances, do not consider what you can see with your eyes. Instead, be a child of Abraham, a child of God. Think like He thinks. How many times did we see in the Bible where there were seemingly impossible situations, past hope, long dead, that God Almighty revived and commanded life to come to?

What about Moses? He was told to tell Pharaoh to let God’s people go and he did, but the king refused, he even made it more difficult for the people of God. To the point that the people of God were mad at Moses. However, what God originally said to Moses, what God said would happen never changed. God delivered His people with a mighty hand, just like he said He would. Moses fixed his eyes on the promise of God not the situation and because he did, not only were the people of God delivered but they also came out with all the stuff, they were delivered, just as God said and they came out with all the spoils of the enemy.

What about Daniel? He was thrown in the lion’s den; that is not a good place to be, however, God Himself, shut the mouth of the lion and delivered Daniel. Let’s look at Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? They were thrown into the fire, but the story doesn’t end there, there was a fourth man in the fire that day, Jesus showed up and completely delivered those men from destruction, and they didn’t even smell like smoke.

What about David, called to be king but the king at the time was trying to kill him. But David, a man after God’s own heart, kept running to God, trusting God.

King Saul was removed and David became king. Then we have Joseph, God gave him a dream, but everything and I do mean everything was opposing that dream. Joseph kept trusting God and nothing the enemy threw his way could stop that dream from coming to pass. Joseph was set up to deliver his family from famine, and deliver them he did, just in the nick of time.

Let’s look at one more, Lazarus. He was literally dead. He was buried and stinking. It appeared way past hope. But then that’s the thing, isn’t it? It is never, ever past hope with God. Jesus came to where Lazarus was buried and called him forth and Lazarus came forth, alive and well. The only thing that has to happen for a miracle to take place, even when it is beyond hope, is for Jesus to show up on the scene.

Remember the disciples in the boat? Jesus had said, ‘we are going to the other side.’ But when they got into the middle of the ocean a great storm arose out of nowhere. They were frightened and woke Jesus up. He called them faithless, rebuked the storm and commanded peace and peace came. Where did they end up? Just where Jesus said, on the other side.

If Jesus has given you a promise or placed a dream in your heart I can assure you that if you refuse to quit, you will arrive exactly where He said you would. You may wonder ‘how, could I possibly do that?’ Just as Abraham did, consider not the circumstances. Don’t look at the things around you that are screaming at you, look to His word, look to His promise. What did He tell you? Fix your eyes upon that one thing. Be single minded, don’t believe God one day and doubt the next. Set your heart to trust God. Some days you may have to say, ‘God, I choose to trust you today, even though it appears impossible, I know with You all things are possible if I can only believe, therefore I choose to believe.’

Remember when Jesus told Peter that the enemy had come to sift Peter but Jesus had prayed for him that his faith would NOT fail. Peter’s faith didn’t fail. Jesus is praying that same prayer to the Father for you that your faith will not fail. God will bring you through to the other side. Do exactly what my pastor said, ‘Don’t look at the conditions – simply hold your position.’ Hold your position. What is your position? Standing on the word of God. Believing God, refusing to listen to the enemy. Holding fast to the promise of God. That is your position. Now, get in position and remain steadfast on the promise God has given you, remember, this is the year of total fulfillment. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it isn’t right before your face. I once heard someone say that 98% of people who fail, were days away from success; if only they hadn’t quit. You may be seconds away from fulfillment, don’t stop now, and hold your position!