Over the weekend, I was meditating on the many ways God speaks to His people. As you know from my writings, He speaks to me most often in simple terms. For instance, God speaks through things in our natural surroundings.

Have you even been awakened several days in a row at a particular time? I know I have. For several months God woke me up at 3:33 am. Each time I would roll over and see the time, God would speak to me. He would say, “Jeremiah 33:3, call upon Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know.”

When I have days of being woke up at this time, I know God is wanting to reveal something to me that I do not know.

God also speaks to us supernaturally, through things in the natural. In the days of Noah, God put a rainbow in the sky, to speak of His covenant. The rainbow still speaks today. It says God will not destroy the world through a flood. It declares His covenant remains intact.

God may speak to you through a sign, a license plate or something in the sky. Listen for Him to speak to you supernaturally through things in the natural.

Another way God communicates with His people is through the gift of discernment. Discernment is the faculty of discerning, acuteness of judgment and understanding.

It is a spiritual insight into something or someone. Have you ever met someone who seemed to be a perfectly wonderful person, yet something on the inside of you felt something was just not quite right? That could be discernment. Numerous times in my life I have sensed or felt something about a person that I had no way of knowing in the natural. Most times, my discernment turns out to be right on point. I have learned to trust my spiritual discernment even when it doesn’t make sense to my natural mind.

Discernment also comes into play when you begin to watch a certain movie or read a book. You may get a little check in your spirit that you shouldn’t watch it or read it. That too, is discernment. The more you pay attention to God speaking through discernment, the more acute it will become. Listen for God to speak to you through the gift of discernment.

Finally, I want to talk with you about how God communicates with us through peace.

Peace is a big thing for me. If I don’t have peace about something, I refuse to do it. Isaiah 55:12 says we will be led forth by peace.

I can’t always explain why I don’t have peace about certain things. In those times I must simply trust God. I will not go against my peace. A friend of mine shared something she uses as a guide – it is quite profound. She said, “When peace leaves, you leave.”

You know how you get a little check in your spirit about certain things? You simply may not feel right about going here or there? That is God speaking. If you don’t have complete peace about it, don’t do it. Allow His peace to lead you and guide you.

Defer to peace, especially when making big decisions. Make sure peace is present before moving forward. One thing I pray is that God will not allow me to have peace about anything I am not supposed to do. I ask Him to close any doors I do not need to walk through. And I ask Him to give me unshakable peace concerning the things I am to do. In other words, I allow Him to lead me through His peace in me.

God is always speaking. He speaks in many ways. He speaks through things in the natural. He speaks through the gift of discernment. And He speaks through the voice of peace. Listen for His voice, He is speaking today.