I often think about the way God “works”…for lack of a better word. The Bible teaches us that God said ‘light be’ and it was, if He had the power to speak things into existence then we do as well. However, I believe that He ‘saw’ the unseen before He saw it in the natural.images (3)

I believe we will see in the natural what we can ‘see’ with our spiritual eyes. I believe this is a principle of God – I believe if we can ever get a visual of a promise, then that promise will absolutely come to pass AND I believe that what most people are seeing is what they are expecting to see.

Some people expect to die of a disease because their family before them did. Some people expect to always come up short in finances because that is the way it has always been. Some people expect their children to grow up and be miserable in life because they were miserable in life. I think we should sow into our future and change our outlook. Regardless of what life throws at you there is a way to change your future. But what happens with those who can see no other way? I have great news for you; the word of God shows us the way to a better future.

The Bible tells us if we can see it we can have it, however some people have trouble seeing it – I know I have at times. God has a solution for that too.

As I was driving to work today God showed me or reminded me of something I already knew. Words create an image in you. If I say brown cow, you will often get an image of a brown cow in your mind at least that is how my mind works. However if I said to you ‘a flying horse’ it may take you a moment to process because it is something you have never seen before. Now, with me, even if you say flying horse, I get a mental image immediately. However it would have never popped into my mind if you had not first said ‘flying horse,’ I had to hear the words to create the picture.

If you can’t ‘see’ what God says about you or what God has promised you, you will need words to create that image. I know I say it over and over but…find some scriptures that speak of what God has promised you and keep them before your face. Quote them over and over. Put pictures of the image you want to see around your house…do that until those words produce a clear image on the inside of you. Now, why do you need to do that? Because once the image is before you – you will always produce what you see.

This is a Biblical principle, let me show you. In Genesis 30, Jacob’s father told him that he could have all the spotted and speckled cattle. He only did that because there were fewer of them – but Jacob understood the ways of God.

The Bible says Jacob took some stakes and put them before the feeding area – where the cows would have to look at them every day. The Bible also says that Jacob made the stakes appear to be speckled and spotted. When the cows continually saw the spotted and specked rods they produced spotted and speckled calves.

Whatever you continually see you will produce. It is a Biblical principle, something on the inside of you will cause it to be produced – I don’t know how it works but I do know that it does. I have used this principle to change many things in my life.

For years, before the wonderful company that Breanne is now involved with which allow me to put scriptures on my wall in a more decorative way, I would type out scriptures on paper and tape them to my walls. I kept the word I was standing on before my face…even when it didn’t look pretty. If I was trusting God for a vehicle I would buy me a new key chain and hang it by my door. If I believed God for new clothes I would take a picture of clothing and hang it by my mirror until I had them in hand. I realized many years ago that the images inside of me were somehow being created.

If you need things to change, start by confessing the word of God until it builds a clear image in your mind – once that happens put the picture before you and keep it there – the spirit of God on the inside of you will create what you can imagine (as long as it lines up with the word of God, of course.)

It is for this reason architects build model homes – they have discovered that they will sell a lot more homes if people can ‘see’ them instead of look at plans on paper. Seeing is powerful and it causes things to be created.

What do you ‘see’ for your future? Can you clearly see God’s plan for you – if not, get started today and that image that you begin to see – watch it unfold right before your eyes.