Recently, I was listening to a preacher talk about the breakthroughs that are ahead for many of God’s people. He made the statement that God had showed him that humility was the way through. I believe this to be true.

While meditating on this message, God reminded me of something a pastor friend once shared with me.

In an email he wrote to me…”Stay under the shadow of humility, not near the edge, but deep in the center, because God is going to lift you up and it is your humility that will keep you grounded in Jesus. Don’t stay near the edge of humility, but deep in the center.”

For days after his email, that phrase went over and over in my mind. All night long I meditated on his statement, asking God to reveal the depth of it to me. When I awoke the next morning, God answered that prayer.

I awoke early the next morning and sat up in bed. My first thought was stay deep in the center of humility.

As quickly as that thought came, God began to speak to me. He said, “it is just like the property you are searching for.” In those few short words, I saw the revelation of this truth.

I had been searching for property for a few years. Yes, years! What I am looking for is not easy to find. I am searching for a house with acreage. I want to develop a place of refuge for weary believers.

Every single property I have come across has the house setting on the edge of the property. I am looking for a property that has the house in the center of the property. You see I am looking for a home with land all around the house, so I would have to travel to get outside of my property. This would assure me of security, seclusion, and peace. While most people want a house on the edge of the property, so they can easily leave the property, I prefer to be in the center.

So, it is with the center of humility. God showed me that morning, to be in the center of humility, and not on the edge, would provide me security and peace. Why? Because I would have to travel a distance to get on the outside of humility.

If I live on the edge of humility, I am also living on the edge of pride. Every property line borders something. Humility borders pride. To be safe in the realm of humility, I must be in the center of it, not on the edge.

I hope this is making sense to you today. I believe it is a profound revelation.

If I am on the edge of God’s will, I am also on the edge of disobedience. However, if I stay in the center of God’s will, I will have to travel a long distance to get out of His will.

If I am on the edge of love, I am also on the edge of hate. But, if I stay in the center of love, I will have to travel to walk out of it.

With humility. If I press in until I am in the center of humility, pride is far from me. I love that.

Sometimes, humility is not fun. But it always, always produces fruit. Let me share a story with you today.

Not too long ago, I had a meeting scheduled. My plan was to drop a deposit off at the bank on my way. Our bank had a new teller at the drive through window that was extremely slow. So, I went inside to hopefully get my deposit done quickly. Who do you think waited on me even though I went inside the bank? Yes, the new teller.

She messed my deposit up 6-7 times. I was about to be late for my appointment and was becoming increasingly annoyed. She seemed to be making the same mistake over and over. Finally, when she said for the seventh time, “I will have to do it again.” I let out a long sigh and said, “What is the problem this time?!”

She said, “I’m not sure but I will have to do it again.” I made it clear that I was annoyed. Finally, she finished my deposit (it truly took about 30 minutes to do what usually takes 5). I left and went to my meeting and then went home.

If I am on the edge of love, I am also on the edge of hate. But, if I stay in the center of love, I will have to travel to walk out of it.

The silence from God was deafening. I knew I was in trouble. I prayed and repented but I could feel that wasn’t enough. Finally, I said, “Okay God, I will call the bank in the morning and apologize.” He spoke to me and said, “You did not embarrass her on the phone, you did it in public, you will apologize in public.”

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much that night. The next morning as soon as the bank opened, I walked through the door. When she saw my face, I could tell she was nervous. The bank was full. I walked straight to her and said, “I came to apologize to you. I am so sorry I was rude and impatient with you. I had no right to treat you that way and I have come to ask you to forgive me.” You could have heard a pin drop in that bank as everyone turned to look at me. She replied, “Thank you, I was really doing the best I could.”

“I know you were, and I am so sorry, there was absolutely no reason for me to respond with such impatience and annoyance. Please forgive me.”

That was not an easy thing for me to do. However, I choose to stay in the center of humility, and I was certainly not there when I mistreated this person.

Remember, if you live on the edge of anything, it will always border something else. My friends, it is not enough to be on the edge of humility. The center is the only safe place. Do whatever it takes for you to stay in humility – in the very center of it. It may be hard. It may be embarrassing – but it is worth it.

God is saying, the way forth into all He has for us is through humility. Check your heart today and make certain you are in the center of humility. It is in that place that He will exalt and bless His people. It is in that place we find safety.