Over the past few weeks I have been pressing into God more than ever. Because of this, I feel I am hearing Him more than ever and more clearly than before.

Recently, I walked into my back door, as I did I heard the Lord softly speak to me. He simply said, ‘I am coming.

As I heard those words I knew He wasn’t talking about coming back to get His church, I knew it was something different, so I listened.

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit quickened a scripture to me, it is found in Isaiah 40:10; Behold, the Lord GOD will come with strong hand, and his arm shall rule for him: behold, his reward is with him, and his work before him.

I felt a wave of excitement flow through me as I understood what He was saying; it felt as if my spirit was bearing witness to what I was hearing. I pondered on what I had heard for a couple hours and then I decided to take some time and study the scripture in Isaiah 40. Here is what I found.

The word COME means to light upon and to bring to pass.

The word STRONG means to display strength and prevail.

The word ARM means a force of strength and it means a sacrifice made. The word arm also comes from a root word (zara) which means to sow a seed or scatter, to become pregnant with. It is the same word as we find when God talks about sowing.

The word RULE means to have and exercise dominion and to reign.

The word REWARD means pay.

The word WORK means recompense, reward, and wages. After studying each word, I saw a clearer description of what God was speaking.

He was saying ‘Behold! I am coming, I am about to light upon you and bring to pass what I have said. Behold! My strength will be displayed and will cause you to prevail. Behold! My strength lies in the sacrifice made for you by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and that seed sown, along with all the other seeds you have sown are about to produce something because I am coming to bring it to pass. Behold! My dominion and your dominion are about to be displayed, every enemy will know that we reign over every situation in your life – your payday is here, you are about to receive recompense, reward and wages, because I am coming and My reward, your reward is with me.’

In the Amplified Bible it says, ‘Behold, the Lord will come with might and His arm shall rule for Him. Behold, His reward is with Him and His recompense before Him.’

The New Living says it like this; ‘Yes, the Sovereign Lord is coming in power! He will rule with a powerful arm, see He brings His reward with Him as He comes.’

As for me, this is all I know…God said, ‘I AM COMING.’

He is coming and His reward is with Him, are you ready? Are you watching? Every seed you have sown is about to produce a harvest because HE IS COMING to enforce His word and HIS REWARD is with Him.

Prayer for today:
Father! Quicken to our hearts the Truth that You are coming! Help us to be watching, praying and working diligently. May You find us faithful in the earth!

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