This morning in my prayer time, I began to pray about the heart of a worshipper. I am a worshipper. Yet, I desire to worship God more – I don’t mean more often, I mean more deeply. I often pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show me, teach me how to worship God in a way that ministers to His heart. That’s the cry of my heart.

It has always – from day one – been easy for me to worship God in a corporate setting. I am one of those you may see at the altar worshipping God instead of sitting in my seat. God has always drawn me to my knees to worship in those settings. You know what I mean, when the spirit of God is present and it feels so wonderful and you can’t help but worship. That’s the times that it is most easy to worship – really it should be easy for anyone to worship during those times.

However, if the only time you can worship is in a corporate setting when God’s presence is present, that’s not the heart of a worshipper. Worship is powerful. It is a weapon that the enemy can’t even stay in the same vicinity with. When you worship God, the enemy won’t stay around to watch, I can assure you of that. When you worship you have entered into the Holy Place, the Secret Place of God.

It’s an awesome place, a place of intimacy. I think that is the reason the enemy will attempt to stop our worship. He knows that it touches the heart of God and when God is touched, He will move heaven and earth to get to you to bless you. I have seen and known that touch – so I know what I am talking about.

Yet, you must be willing to worship no matter what. As I said, it is easy to worship God when you are in church and in His presence and everything is going well. But what about the rest of the time, do you worship Him then? Do you worship Him when your bills are late? Do you worship Him when your car won’t run? Do you worship Him when someone has hurt you? Or do you run to Him complaining and saying ‘why me, Lord?’ This is the place that a true worshipper is set apart.

I can’t even begin to think about worship without thinking about King David. He was a man after the heart of God. He worshipped God when his enemy was hot on his trail. He worshipped God when he was in the middle of the sheep field all alone. He worshipped God with all his heart when his wife ridiculed him for his relationship with God. He worshipped God when he had no food and he worshipped God when he ate in plenty. He was a true worshipper.

One of those times that most sticks out in my mind is found in 2 Samuel 12. David had sinned against the Lord. He had a child with Bathsheba out of that sin. God sent a prophet to tell him that he would be judged and the child would die. David fasted and prayed and pled with God to spare the child, but the child died. What David did next was impressive to me.

The Bible says he stood up, washed himself off and worshipped God.

Nothing stopped David from worshipping God. And nothing should stop us. I have worshipped God the day after I buried my father, my brother and my sister. I have worshipped God when my business closed. I have worshipped God when it seemed my whole world was falling apart. And as I do this- He always heals me and takes me to a higher place in Him. He has never failed me as I continue to worship Him no matter what. I know He will do the same for you.

A heart after God – that’s what we should all desire. A heart of a worshipper should be the desire of our heart. A heart that worships in good times and bad. A heart like David.

There are many ways to worship God. We can worship Him with song. We can worship Him with words. We can worship Him with our time. We can worship Him with our giving. We can worship Him with our heart, not saying a word. All I know is this: He is God and He is worthy of worship – worship should never be conditional. What I mean by that is you should not only worship God when things are going your way – you should worship Him at all times – simply because He is God and worthy to be worshipped.
Let’s use King David as our example and get up, wash ourselves off and worship God. The results will astound you.

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