img_9811Today I was thinking back to the beginning of Genesis. I was trying to fathom what God saw when He looked out across the darkness of what we now know as earth.

The Bible says it was without form and void. That means that there was nothing there, no light, no trees, no life, nothing. It was void of everything needed to live and be filled with life as we now know it. So what did God do? He spoke. He said ‘light be.’ And light was. He spoke and it was. I know we all know this but it helps to be reminded. God tells us to call things that are not as if they already are.

I was reading an article today about a young boy who drowned, he was under water for twenty minutes before he was rescued. When the rescue team pulled him out he was dead. Dead. No heartbeat, no life, dead. However the rescue team would not stop working on him and continued until they got a pulse.

One rescue person made a statement that caught my attention, he said ‘when the kid came out of the water he was dead, but you have to ignore that fact and keep working.’ This young boy was dead, clinically, yet the workers knew he still had one chance, but to have that chance they would have to ignore everything they could see, feel and touch and continue fighting for his life…and they did. He is alive today and speaking, a miracle indeed.

The Bible tells us to call those things that be not as though they were. Sometimes in order to do that we simply can’t look at the facts. I am not saying to ignore things you need to deal with, that would not be wisdom, but I am saying to continue to fight for the miracle you need by declaring what you want to happen in spite of the facts.

The Bible says ‘let the weak say I am strong’ and ‘let the poor say I am rich’, yet we often continue to say what we see with our physical eyes. We declare that we are sick or we declare that we are broke. If we continue to speak that way, we will never see those things change. Yet, there is a way to acquire change, and it is just like God did. Speak and it has to change.

Are there areas of your life where you see no light? Let me tell you a little about what God was saying. The definition of light in the first book of Genesis is: light of life, light of prosperity, light of instruction. Isn’t that good!

Again, are there areas of your life where you see no light, only darkness? Then speak to it. Command the light of life to come to that situation. Command the light of prosperity to come to your household. If you need wisdom, command the light of instruction to come to the situation. Do what God did and what He commands us to do, speak to it.

His word says that if I have faith as a grain of mustard seed, I can speak to the mountain and it has to move and be cast into the sea, right? Well, then, it would be silly for me to stand and look at that mountain and say ‘boy, that mountain sure is big, I don’t know how I will ever get around it, it sure is in my way.’ No, I should stand firm on the word of God and say ‘MOUNTAIN, BE REMOVED AND CAST INTO THE SEA.’

Let me challenge you today, bring to mind the situation in your life that you would most like to see changed and then stop and think about what you have been speaking over it. Have you been speaking out what you can see in the natural or have you been saying what God says? The Bible teaches us that words become things. Think on that…words become things. You can speak yourself sick or you can speak yourself healed. Words become what you say, they become things.

You can speak yourself into lack or you can speak yourself into prosperity. You can speak yourself depressed or you can speak yourself happy. It’s your choice. Choose.
I promise you if you begin to say nothing but what the word says about your situation, you will begin to see change. God’s word never fails.

Today, practice saying only good things. Say only positive things. Say only what God says. First, you will feel better because you are now lined up with God’s word. Then the angels of God will be able to work on your behalf because they only hearken to the word. Then you will see exactly what you are saying come to pass, why? Because words become things.

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