One day, a friend of a friend visited our office. I was prepared for her coming because I had received a call the day before saying she would be there. When I asked if it was for anything in particular, I was told that she probably wanted prayer.

Therefore I was expecting a visit and to be able to pray a faith-filled prayer with her. However, she came and we talked for quite a while but she did not ask for prayer. During our conversation I told her about our prayer room, and then proceeded to show it to her, stating that if anyone needed a quiet place to pray, they are welcome to pray there. As we walked in the prayer room, she became silent. You see, anytime you walk into our prayer room the tangible presence of God is there, always. Within minutes you are saturated in the presence of God.

That kind of atmosphere comes from a great deal of time and prayer and it comes from hungering and seeking for God until He shows up. It is a huge part of this ministry, His presence is something I cannot live without.

As our visit came to a close, she said she was going in the prayer room for a while. I said, ‘sure, take your time.’ After a great deal of time in the prayer room she came out, literally glowing with the presence of God. I knew God had met her in that room and whatever she came to the ministry for, what she really needed was to bask in His presence – she definitely received what she came for.

For the rest of that afternoon I thought about the presence of God and the effect it has on people. Do you realize that the presence of God is the absolute greatest gift we can give as believers? If you have the tangible presence of God in your life you can change lives.

However, few Christians carry the presence of God. There are very few people I know, or places I know that you can walk into or be around and feel the tangible presence of God. It is rare and it shouldn’t be. It should be a daily part of the life of every Christian.

If His presence isn’t present you won’t find a yoke-destroying-burden-removing anointing. If His presence is absent you will not find peace that passes understanding. If His presence isn’t there, it will be hard to find unshakable faith. His presence is the thing that makes the difference.

Psalm 9:3 says your enemies perish at the presence of the Lord. Psalm 17:2 says that vindication comes in the presence of the Lord. Psalm 16:11 says there is fullness of joy one place, in the presence of the Lord. Psalm 31:20 says we are safe from plots of man and strife of tongues in the presence of the Lord.

When the Bible talks about the secret place, it is referring to the presence of the Lord, God’s presence is the secret place and Psalm 140 says the righteous dwell in the secret place of the presence of the Lord. You will also find in Matthew 6:6 that Jesus says the Father is found in the secret place.

With all that being said, may I ask you a question; is God’s presence presently in your life? Do others sense His presence when they are around you? Do others sense the peace of God when they are in your presence? Is His tangible presence a part of your daily life? Be honest with yourself, is His presence vital to you and obvious in your life?

If your answer is yes…then you can change lives. People need to be in the presence of the Lord – it is life-changing. Enemies flee; people are set free in His presence. Healing flows in His presence. Yokes are destroyed in His presence. People are restored and renewed in His presence.

If your answer is no, then something needs to change. You don’t even realize what is missing until you have spent time in His presence…and spent time in His presence until He has come and made His abode with you, there is nothing like it, at least nothing here on this earth.

I want to encourage you today, spend time daily in His presence, not just in prayer, not just reading the word of God, spend time basking in His presence…you will never be the same, nor will anyone around you.