I sat at my desk, reading an email I had just received from a friend who was traveling for ministry work. It was a prayer request. It appeared she was having many attacks while traveling, thus she was requesting a prayer of agreement for these things to cease.

As I read down the list of attacks shared in her email, the spirit of God rose up within me and said to me, “Tell her to rejoice and be exceedingly glad. The little foxes only come once harvest has begun. Tell her to rejoice for she is standing in the midst of her harvest.”

Oh my, if we could always see through the eyes of the Father, our God! His perspective is so different from ours. What we see as attacks, He sees as signs that we standing in our harvest fields.

As I have said many times recently, harvest is here! It’s not time to slack off or sit down, nor is it time to relax your sword. What is our sword? It is the Word of God.

Over the past thirty years I have been reminded repeatedly of something a wise woman once told me. She said, “when breakthrough begins, do not lay down your sword.” Those words have kept me in my proper position of faith more times than I can count.

Today, I am reminded of David’s Mighty Men – Shammah specifically. The Bible says in 2 Samuel 23:12 that he took his stand in the middle of the harvest field and beat back the enemy.

But Shammah took his stand in the middle of the field. He defended it and struck the Philistines down, and the LORD brought about a great victory.

We must do the same thing today. In harvest time, should the enemy come to wreak havoc, we must take our position in the midst of our harvest field and defend all God has promised and provided for us. Never back down and never walk away from your harvest due to attacks of the enemy.

Pastor Dave Roberson was a dear friend, and someone I loved to go to and ask spiritual questions. I once went to him and asked a question. “Pastor Dave, every time I pray in the spirit for a long period of time, I get horrible headaches. And every time I fast and pray, it seems to bring on attack after attack.”

Pastor Dave simply laughed that little laugh he had and said, “wonder what the devil is so afraid of?”

The thief comes after the Word has been sown. The foxes come to spoil the harvest once it has begun. The devil comes to bring attacks after you are pressing in. The attacks come when you are getting somewhere, when the harvest or time of visitation is already here. That truth alone should cause us to rejoice and be exceedingly glad, don’t you think? If you are one of those who are experiencing attack after attack, take heart! Ask God to show you, His perspective.

Remember in the book of 2 Kings 6, Elisha and his servant were literally surrounded by the enemy. The servant was afraid. Elisha stood firm in faith. Elisha asked God to show the servant what was going on from God’s perspective. God opened the servants’ eyes, as Elisha declared, “do not be afraid, there is more with us than there is with them.” The servant then saw the great army that was fighting on their behalf. My friend, have no doubt about it, it is the same with us today. A great army is fighting on our behalf.

Regardless of what you can see with your natural eye, God has not left you. He is with you. And perhaps, just perhaps, you are standing in the midst of your harvest field. If so, do not move and do not lay down your sword. As you continue to trust in God, He will bring a great victory to you as well.

Today, I ask God to open your spiritual eyes so that you can see from His perspective. I also ask Him to help you realize, there are more with you than you know, for that my friend, is truth.

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