If your perception isn’t lining up with what God says about you then there is only one way to change that. You have got to begin to see yourself through the mirror of God’s word. What does God say about you? Well…He says that you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. He says that you are the head and not the tail. He says that you are blessed coming in and blessed going out. He says that you were healed by the stripes of Jesus.f01be466ceaca2974d05709c98fe21bb He says that you are forgiven and that your sins have been cast as far from you as the east is from the west. He says that Jesus became poor so that you might be made rich. He says that He sent His only son to die on that cross so you could enjoy the abundant life of healing, prosperity, great relationships, peace and so much more. But the only way you will know what God says about you is to stay in the word and find out. Abide in His word! It will change your perception!