Allow me to challenge you today – bring to mind the situation in your life that you would most like to see changed and then stop and think about what you have been speaking over it. Have you been speaking out what you can see in the natural or have you been saying what God says? The Bible teaches us that words become things. Think on that – words become things. You can speak yourself sick or you can speak yourself healed. Words become what you say – they become things. I promise you if you begin to say nothing but what the word says about your situation, you will begin to see change. God’s word never fails. images (4)

Today – practice saying only good things. Say only positive things. Say only what God says. First, you will feel better because you are now lined up with God’s word. Then the angels of God will be able to work on your behalf because they only harken to the word. Then you will see exactly what you are saying come to pass – why? Because words become things.