It is not a sin to get angry, sometimes situations make us angry. But the Bible says to be angry and do not sin. You can be mad, but hold your peace and allow God to fight for you. Have you ever noticed that often when you try to fight your own battles, you lose? I thought about that today, in the Old Testament when God sent His people out to battle, they never lost.IMG_5931_ But if they chose to go out on their own, without God’s direction, they were always slaughtered. We can learn something from this. When a battle looks inevitable, do like David did, ask God. Go to God and say, “shall we go out and fight or shall we hold our peace.” God will show you the right way to go. If He tells you to fight, you won’t be defeated. Additionally, if He tells you to hold your peace, you won’t be defeated, He will fight for you.

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