If you find yourself somewhere in between the time that God spoke to you to step out in faith and the time when you see the promise come to pass, you are not alone. He is in the boat with you. He didn’t say, ‘go to the other side and I will meet you there.’ No, He said ‘let’s go to the other side.’ Let US go to the other side. He is there, with you. Trust Him. Believe in Him. Only believe, all things are possible to him who believes. The enemy tries so hard to get us out of faith and to stop us from trusting God BEFORE we get to the other side. Why? Because he knows that when we make it to the other side, then we will know we are victorious, (we are actually already victorious through the blood of Jesus, but sometimes we don’t know that until we see it manifest) and he can’t stop us. And he knows that the next time God encourages us to step out in faith, it will be easier and quicker. He is a liar, don’t listen to the enemy, give him no place, God will take you to the place He has promised you. Whatever He has spoken to your heart ~ He will do it. Whatever He has promised you in His Word, it is already done…simply believe.

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