How do you feel when your spouse or your child or your boss praises you? Doesn’t it make you want to do more for them? When you are complimented on a good job, doesn’t it make you want to do an even better job? When your husband or wife tells you that they love you and think you are great, doesn’t it make you want to do more for them. I know for myself, when my daughter tells me she loves me and hugs on me, I just want to give her stuff, I want to give her something. It is the same way with God; we are created in His image. When we praise Him, He simply can’t resist us. When we worship Him, He has to come and make His abode with us. And when it seems everything in our life is going wrong and yet we continue to praise Him, I believe that marks us for a blessing, God marks us and declares ‘now, there is a person after my heart, I will give them my heart, my presence and all that comes with me.’ God simply can’t resist someone who will praise and worship no matter what.file6151244762637