Complacency…… it’s much easier to flip on the television or pick up a good book, isn’t it? It takes more effort to pick up your Bible and read about Jesus, it takes more effort to pray for an hour instead of watch television for an hour. BUT, if you are thirsty, nothing will satisfy you like the Living Water which is Jesus. Television won’t quench that thirst. Staying busy won’t quench it. Family won’t quench it. Only one taste will quench that kind of thirst and that is the Living Water.
You see – we must stay thirsty for Him and to do that we must exercise our faith. Speak the word, listen to anointed teaching, read our Bible – exercise. This type of exercise will cause you to thirst for God and He will quench that thirst and you will never thirst again. Now, isn’t that worth the effort? People around you will begin to see the difference – they will begin to see a well-watered garden, a place to come to for refreshment – a place where Jesus dwells…and that’s what it is all about.