Many people are afraid today, because of the economy, loss of jobs, elections and so much more. But, as children of God, we must resist that fear and refuse to allow it to have place in us. The other day, I had written one of our readers to thank her for giving into the ministry this month and she replied ‘I will not allow fear of the economy to slow my giving.’ It was odd because the Lord had told me the same thing just hours before.images (2)
You have to battle in the face of fear. If you are afraid to give, you have to give more – that is the only way to break the back of that fear. If you are afraid to fly in an airplane, book yourself a flight and refuse to fear. Whatever you are afraid of, stand up in the power of Almighty God and confront it. Face it and press on forward – in the very presence of fear – press on through – to victory and freedom.