Sometimes the battle is so great and so intense that we want to stop fighting for a while and the time will come when you can stop and relax. But it won’t come until you have not only stunned your enemy but you have taken his head off with his own weapon. How do you do that? The same way David did.

You run toward him, not from him. You take everything he has been waving at you (his sword, his words) and you take those from him and take his head off with them. You say what the word of God says and you say it until he is utterly destroyed. As believers, we shouldn’t have to fight the same battles over and over. If you look at the Old Testament accounts, you will see that didn’t happen.

When God delivered His people, they didn’t go back into the same battle again. Why? Because they stayed and fought until the end – until their enemy was destroyed and plundered.

We have the same promise. The Bible says when the thief is found, he must restore, even if he has to give ALL the substance of his house. Satan is the thief and he must restore everything he has stolen from you. He is counting on the fact that you may not make it to the end of the battle. But the greater one lives in you and you will make it if you will only continue to stand.