Life and circumstances are going to hit all of us, but we have to keep standing, keep trusting God. He is faithful and He has never failed one person in the Bible, I know I won’t be the first one. He has promised me an expected end. He has promised me that the gates of hell will not prevail against me. That means the enemy will not overcome me, he will not gain victory over me.
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Then what do you do when it looks like it’s over and you lost? You do what hundreds of other warriors have done before you. You do what trained athletes do. Do you know how many football games have been won in the final seconds? When it looked like the opponent had won and people were already leaving the stands, then in mere seconds you see that final run, that final thrust, that final throw and it changes everything. Life is going to hit us with things. People are going to hit us with things. People are going to hurt and disappoint us. Situations are going to knock the wind out of our sails. That’s okay, get up. Get up and say what the word of God says, refuse to stay down. Refuse to quit. Remind the enemy that he can’t prevail against you unless you quit and you will not quit!