Do you need more power in your life? I was in prayer the other day and the Holy Spirit spoke this to my heart ‘the amount of power you have in your life is equal to the amount of prayer you have in your life.’ That statement jarred me and reminded me to stay away from spiritual slothfulness. At any time I feel I am not getting enough answers or having enough of the power of God manifest in my life – it’s a problem with the time I am spending communicating with God. Praying to God. Seeking His council.DSC03099

Seeking His plan. And it’s usually during those times when I feel I have everything under control and can handle it on my own. That’s a lie from the enemy. Even during the times when you seem to have everything under control, don’t let up on your prayer life. The more you pray during easy times, the quicker you will come through the hard times. Why, because you are spiritually prepared. It won’t catch you off guard. God said if we would call on Him he would answer us and show us things we don’t know, show us things to come. If you are communing with God on a daily basis the enemy won’t be able to catch you off guard. You will be able to see what is coming down the path as you learn to communicate with God. You’ll not only see it coming but God will tell you what to do to stop it or move through it victoriously and quickly.