images (16)Have you ever felt that God was nudging you in a new direction and it just seemed so comfortable where you are that you resisted it? Has He ever told you to sow a seed into someone’s life and you resisted because you had a need for that money? Have you ever felt like you needed to go and pray for someone but you resisted because you thought they may think you were weird? Have you ever felt like God was trying to get someone out of your life but you resisted because the relationship was comfortable? Let me warn you if you resist what God is telling you, first of all you are in opposition of God, which is not a good place to be and secondly, you are resisting the blessing. You are resisting the empowerment of God to succeed in every area of your life. If God is nudging you in a new direction it is not because He is trying to take something from you – but He desires to bless you and do a new thing in your life. God is never trying to take from you – He is always trying to get something to you.