When you pray and things seem to get worse, pray more, intercede more, confess more – you may even want to add some fasting to it. Remember, with Moses, all the things God had him do with his staff, he did some amazing things. But, Pharaohs men did the same things. It may seem that way in your life; every time you take a step the enemy is right there, issuing another attack. Just as it was with Moses, the time will come when the enemy can’t mimic what God is doing, God’s power is greater – make no mistake about that. But to get to that point you have to keep obeying God, especially when it feels like you are going the wrong way. Trust your directions. Trust the word the Lord gave you in the beginning. Don’t doubt now, continue trusting. Don’t make any decisions based on what you feel – make every decision based on the word of God!scale