There are many things in the Bible that won’t make sense to your natural mind, but you have to trust God. How could you march around a wall seven times and it fall down? How could you spend the night with the lions and not be eaten? How could a shepherd boy go up against a giant and defeat him? I will tell you how. God. They chose to simply believe God and act on His Word, regardless of what they were facing – and God showed them His faithfulness. It takes no courage to turn back – it takes great courage to keep going when the road becomes the darkest. My prayer for you today is that God will give you the ability to stand and persevere through every trial and come through to the other side, victorious. Remember, Jesus never said, ‘let’s go half way’ – He only said ‘let’s go to the other side.’ And He did. And you will too, if you trust in God, follow His direction, and refuse to get off the path.