If you are a person who decides to follow God and be used of God, the enemy is going to make sure you have many pressures come your way – but again, you don’t have to bow to them. Take them to God and lay them at His feet, He can handle them. One time in my life, the pressures were intense but I was refusing them. At night, when I wasn’t on guard because I was sleeping, the devil began to try to put symptoms of stress on my body. I lay there in bed and refused it. I continued to say ‘no, I am not having this in my body, you cannot come on my body.’ And it left. That happened for three nights that week and I continued to refuse his lie – and that is all it was – a lie. Had I received his lie, my body would be suffering from effects of stress, but I continued to say what the Bible said about my body. If you can’t find it in the Bible, if it is not something God said we have to endure, then it is a lie from the devil. He has no legal authority to attack your body, your finances, your marriage, your ministry, your children, or your mind…if he tries, he is on your turf and you have the legal authority to back him off and tell him to go.images (15)