I am human, I get hit with things just like everyone else. I have to choose to believe or give up, just like everyone else. I get weary, just like everyone else. However, through it all I choose to believe God and I choose to know that He has a good plan for me and an expected end. Sure, the enemy comes to attempt to steal the word, but I choose to be of good cheer because I know my Jesus has overcome the enemy and I have victory if I will only choose to believe it and receive it.46313da7b56aa9fc2bad28f346d25546

Regardless of what I have experienced in the past, He is faithful. Regardless of what battles I have fought, He remains faithful. His word is proven and true – there is no doubt about it. If the enemy comes to steal the word from you – refuse to let it go. Stand in faith and God will see you through – I saw His faithfulness in this situation but not until I made the decision to believe and fight for what I believe and to remain THANKFUL.

God is so good and I give Him praise today! I refuse to let go of thankfulness and will worship Him with a grateful heart!