Have you ever had days when the enemy is working overtime to try to convince you that God isn’t who He said He is? When the enemy is attempting to discredit my God, it’s time to clear my mind and refocus. In the book of Daniel, chapter 7, verse 25, we find that is the enemy’s job to speak words against the Most High God. His very goal is to weary the followers of God. His purpose is to talk and talk until you are worn out.DSC_1711-2
You cannot sit and listen to him harass you hour after hour and say nothing. If you do, you will lose the battle. Try this; weary him with your words. Tell him over and over and over how good your God is, tell him that God said you would never fail and no weapon formed against you shall prosper, tell him what the word says about you. You have enough ammunition to go on and on for days – weary him with your words. Wouldn’t it be great if believers would rise up and begin to weary the enemy so much that he would be running in terror? It will happen, if you make it happen.