If you need more of God’s presence in your life – spend time worshipping him. Worship him simply because he is God. Not because of anything he has done – but just because he is. If you need more provision in your life – begin to give more. If you need more faith – read your bible more, listen to more anointed teaching. If you want to remove all the doubt and unbelief out of your life – spend some time fasting and praying – it will change you. Just remember, every relationship is two-sided. 128d45ffc4362bf749bd72f68c0e2cd7If you need more from God, you are going to have to give more to him. If you long to know the God of Abraham – you are going to have to be a man of like faith. Abraham believed God. It was that simple, he believed and obeyed. It’s the same for you – just believe and obey – and you will discover the God you have been searching for and longing to know.