Have you have been in a situation where you were hurt and rejected beyond belief and you knew you should have responded in love but the hurt went too deep and you reacted in anger?  Yes – the fruit of the Spirit, LOVE, should have ruled, but it didn’t.  Repent and ask God to forgive you and cleanse you of it and walk on.

The fruit of the Spirit works the same way.  Keep getting back up.  Keep choosing love and patience.  Keep choosing long suffering and joy.  Even when you don’t exercise it, go to God and say ‘God, I repent, work this out of me and help me to daily walk in the fruit of the Spirit.’  He will do it for you.  And give yourself a break – it takes time.  Fruit comes from abiding in the vine.  The more you abide in the vine, the sweeter the fruit is.  If you are having challenges with your fruit, get closer to the vine.  Before you know it you will see a fruitful, overflowing tree of God’s Spirit in your life, you will respond in love.