Father in the name of Jesus I ask You to sanctify this home by Your Spirit, may Your Spirit flow freely through this home, unhindered at all times. I pray that Your angels would encamp about our home and keep it and us safe at all times from all harm. I thank You for Your divine protection over every room of this house. This house and everything in it is anointed by You, set apart unto You and sanctified by You, in Jesus name.DSC_0046
Today, in Jesus name, I apply the anointing and the blood of Christ and I cleanse the spiritual atmosphere. I declare that Satan will NOT intrude in my home; I forbid his intrusion from this day forth. I close any and all doors that have been opened to the enemy and I seal them shut in the name of Jesus. I establish my home as a sanctuary and a place of protection by the anointing that destroys every yoke and removes every burden. I break every curse and remove every evil presence from my home by the anointing and the name of Jesus Christ. I sanctify the people who live here, the house, and everything that is within this home in Jesus name.