I know you have probably fought and won battles against the enemy, but the way you won last time may not be the way you win this time. Inquire of the Lord. David was a warrior, yet for every battle he first inquired of the Lord. Get the plan of God to win your battle and then march forth with confidence that the Lord of Hosts is with you and victory will be yours. Furthermore, don’t give the enemy any place – don’t allow him to win one battle. The victory is already yours if you will simply stand firm and fight. He knows that and when you know that, then the battle is almost over. Next, inquire of the Lord as to how you are to approach this enemy and obey, do whatever it is He instructs you to do. It may be praise, it may be quote the Word, it may be sow a seed to someone who sows spiritually into your life, it may be simply stand. Whatever it is, don’t hesitate, do it! The victory is surely yours – remember, wherever you tread your foot – wherever you choose to put your shoes on, pick up your weapon for battle and run the enemy off your territory – it is yours, says the Lord.