Taking communion is simple, all it requires is bread and juice, or whatever you prefer, and taking a few moments to remember Jesus, who became our Deliverer once and for all. When we eat of the bread, we eat of His flesh and all He purchased for us at the cross. When we drink of the juice, we drink of His blood that was shed for our sins and that brought total deliverance to us. And we do this in remembrance of Him.

As you partake of communion, do it as the book of Exodus says; with your shoes on your feet, ready for a journey and with your staff in your hand. Do it, knowing that His deliverance has already come and you will see it in your life. Do it, knowing that the ultimate deliverance is yours. All this because of Jesus…so we do this to remember Him. Communion is a covenant reminder and I don’t think we can ever be reminded enough of what our Savior did for us.