Many times in the storms of life, our emotions seem almost out of control and regardless of our trust and faith in God; we can’t seem to get our emotions under control. Many Christians think if you have emotions you are not trusting God – this is not true. God created us to have emotions.

As Christians, we simply choose to not be controlled by our emotions. You see if we couldn’t feel the pain, we couldn’t feel the love. If we didn’t feel the rejection that would mean we couldn’t feel the acceptance. It reminds me of the song, it’s a country song called The Dance. It says I could have missed the pain, but I would have had to miss the dance. I have gone through some painful times in my life, but if I had chosen not to feel the pain, I could not have enjoyed the thrill of the dance and I wouldn’t have missed that for anything. Jesus was vexed before He went to the cross. He had emotions, but what did He do? He prayed. So what do we do? We do like Jesus did, we hit our knees in prayer and we cry out to God for the grace and the strength to make it to the other side. His grace will come, it already belongs to us and it will manifest. His grace is always more than enough!