IN’FLUENCE, to flow in; Literally, a flowing in, into or on, and referring to substances spiritual or too subtle to be visible, like inspiration. In a general sense, influence denotes power whose operation is invisible and known only by its effects, or a power whose cause and operation are unseen. Moral power; power of truth operating on the mind, rational faculties or will, in persuading or dissuading, as the influence of motives, of arguments, or of prayer. To move by moral power; to act on and affect, as the mind or will, in persuading or dissuading; to induce. (Webster’s 1828 dictionary)

In our daily life we come across many influences. People influence us. Situations influence us. When someone is drunk on liquor, we say they are under the influence, and that is truth. Their actions are the end result of the liquor and its influence. It is something that has flowed inside of them and causing actions on the outside of them. My question today is this; what is influencing you today? What are the visible actions of the influence you are under? What is flowing in you that is causing an action on the outside of you?