Today, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend once. She had shared something with me that I found very insightful. As I thought on our conversation, the Lord began to show me something significant about what she was saying.

She talked about how the men who play in the Super Bowl get a ring when they win the Super Bowl. I knew that information already, even though I am not a sports fan, however, I kept listening. She shared with me that she was once in Chattanooga, paying for food at a local Shoney’s Restaurant. She noticed the man in front of her because he was a large man.

As she looked at him she saw he was wearing a Super Bowl ring. She said ‘hey! That’s a Super Bowl ring.’ The man turned around and said ‘yes, I played in the Super Bowl.’ As she shared the story with me she said ‘I would not have recognized the man but I recognized the ring.’

As we know, few have the chance to play in the Super Bowl and even fewer win the Super Bowl. Those who win receive the ring, as a symbol, a trophy they wear on their finger showing they played the big game and won. Everyone who knows football would recognize the ring.

The Lord began to speak to me about this and show me that there is a mark, a trophy that His people carry as well. It is called the anointing. It’s called the glory of God.

Did you realize that when you seek God others can see it? Did you know that when you spend time in the presence of God, it will be seen by others?

All throughout the Old Testament we find that people knew just by their appearance that certain men and women carried the anointing of God. We see the same thing in the New Testament. The men and women of God did not have to announce who they were, people could tell by their countenance that they belonged to God. Isn’t that amazing! They may not have known the people but they knew they carried the presence of God.

I have always been able to rightly discern atmospheres. I can quickly tell when I walk into a room what kind of Spirit is there, if it is of God or if it is not. It took some time and growing in God but I also came to a place where I can usually look at a person and tell if they belong to God or not. A person who belongs to God and who seeks God daily has a mark, it is His presence and His anointing.

The more you walk with God, the more evident He will be in your life. I think it is sad when there are Christians in the room and you can’t tell if they are one of His or not. His mark should be on all of us and it is to a degree, but only those who diligently seek Him carry His presence.

Most of us will never play in the Super Bowl or receive the ring they proudly wear but we all have the opportunity to wear the favor, the blessing and the anointing of God everywhere we go. Abraham wore it, King David wore it, Moses wore it, Jesus wore it, Peter and Paul wore it…you and I can wear it too.

Friends, we need to wear it, people are looking for us and they need a way to find us…they will find us if we are clothed in the presence of God. They may not recognize us, they may never know our name but they will recognize His presence…just like my friend recognized that ring that day. Clothe yourself today in His presence and when you do, you will wear Him like a garment.