The other day I was speaking with someone who needed a financial miracle for that day and they got it – after they got it – they said ‘oh, if I tithe off of this I won’t have much left.’ Now think about that – God had provided enough to take care of their bills and they still had money left over to tithe with. This is a hard place – it is easy to give and tithe when money is flowing in – but when things become challenging that is often the first thing that people stop doing – tithing and giving – and then their mentality changes, just as it did in this situation.

I responded to this person and said ‘you have to change your perspective about this or you will miss your blessings.’ I said ‘God gave you enough for tithe and bills and a little left over – you need to be thankful for that and thank God that you have money to tithe.’ Remember God loves a cheerful giver and those who give grudgingly will reap grudgingly. That word ‘grudgingly’ means annoyed – don’t give because you feel you have to and or if it becomes an annoyance to you – God loves a cheerful giver.