Friends, you say you love those who minister to you – do you love them enough to support them in prayer and in giving finances? Do you love them enough that when you hear a rumor or gossip about them that you continue to stand behind them and refuse to speak evil against them? Do you love them enough to stand firm with them through the battles of life – seeing their humanity, seeing their mistakes but still love them and help them continue to follow God?
Love is an action word – you can say you love someone but your actions may speak otherwise – my friend, that is NOT love. You may want it to be love; you may even think it is love – but it’s not love. Those you love, you protect, you nourish, you cherish, you speak well of – it’s evident by our life who we truly love and who we don’t. Make no mistake about it. Giving is an extension of love. Give to those you love today. Give to someone who is hard to love today. How? By giving as unto the Lord!