I encourage you to study giving. To study the Bible for the sowing and reaping principles. If you find yourself in need of more finances – don’t try to labor until you drop – do it Gods way – begin to sow, knowing as you do, you will reap a harvest. God is truth – if He says you will reap – you will. If you have seed in the ground already, then you have a right to place a demand on the word of God and command your harvest to come in – you are entitled to your harvest through the blood of Jesus, don’t let the enemy keep it back another day.
Seek the Lord today about giving. He desires to give you a great harvest – you simply need to get your seed in the ground and then begin to water it daily with the word of God – you will be amazed how quickly it will come in. I promise you that God wants you to prosper even more than you want to. May the Lord of the harvest visit your home this day!